Monday, February 11, 2008


I had a moment today. A moment where all I felt was lucky. I forgot for a moment about rheumatoid arthritis, $80 in our checking account for the next 11 days, an overcrowded garage full of junk, the laundry, the whirlwind of spiritual conflict in my mind, the things I think about doing everyday but never get the picture. I was cooking dinner in my kitchen and my kids were outside in the back playing. As I was slowly cooking over the stove I just listened. I listened to my kids. My sweet kids who are playing together and laughing and sharing and riding scooters. It was great. Then I hear "Mom....Mom, Look at me". I look out the window and Zoe just gives me the I love you sign. Precious. Then Brother of course wants in on the action and they are just screaming my name trying to steal my attention from the other. I just felt lucky. Lucky to have a home, food to cook, kids that love me so much they are fighting over mere seconds of my attention. I quickly grabbed the camera because I wanted to capture the spontaneous, but they caught on. The poses are obvious. I love my kids. I'm just so blessed.