Sunday, September 9, 2007

Gods Promise Mommy

Today we went and looked at model homes. We do this often because we like to dream and the kids love to find 'their rooms'. We were walking up the stairs in one of the homes and there were these stained glass (kind of) windows to outside casting rainbow prisms all over the stairs and Zoe said " Look Mommy, Gods promises". It was so precious. Just one of things I want to remember that she said.

Fake Cheese is a Hit!

So, this isn't going to make sense to most of you but it will to Mona and my Mom. The fake cheese, brown rice lasagna noodles, grass fed hormone free ground turkey homegrown tomato lasagna was AWESOME! Cory couldn't even tell the cheese was not real. YES! I know the picture looks disgusting but it was SSOOOOOO good! I've missed cheese and now its back, well...kind of.

Potty Training

I couldn't resist putting these pictures on. I suppose it may be an invasion of privacy but I don't think he cares yet! He is doing awesome with potty training. He is kind of doing it himself. It is actually quite remarkable. Truthfully I think God just said "Jen really can't handle potty training right now so I'm going to do it for her". Either way, I'm thankful! And of course the adorable shot of Zoe from up above once again! So sweet!

Pre Ballet...

So, here is Zoe in her 'big girl' pre ballet class. She feels very big because it is in the 'upstairs' room where the big kids go. She was so proud when we came in to see the last fifteen minutes of her class last week. It is so precious to see her look at us like "did you see that? did you see what i just did?" She would do her thing and then look over to make sure we were watching, smiling and giving her the thumbs up and I love you sign. I hope she always feels proud of herself and always looks for that thumbs up from us because I tell you will be there always! (even when shes not looking for it!)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Just Loving My Babies...

Just some pics of me loving my babies and sending a big huge I LOVE YOU to Mona! 12 Days! Oh, and I thought I would add yet another picture of Zoe looking perfectly angelic.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Having Fun!

Just a little laughin...