Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Five of You...

Ok, since there ARE five of you. I'm tagging you. Here is the deal. I was tagged by Mona.
The game is that you have to immediately take a picture of yourself once you have been tagged and post it.
No primping, no fixing anything, no looks into the mirror to check this or that. Just exactly what we really look like.

I got to say...I like it :)

So now for those I would like to see....

Mindy Mills
Casey Jones
Marty Enniss (although I know you already did it so you don't have to do it again. You are just one of my five!)
Sarah Elwer
Mona Enniss (you are exempt as well)

You guys are all great. Thanks for being my five!



ive already been tagged! when i said "post more blogs" i didnt mean to just pass the buck! tell me what its like being married to a fire fighter. how are some of the cutest kids i know. tell me how the quilting is going...those are all the things i am interested in. now get on it sister! =)

Sarah Elwer said...

ha ha - you got me! But I don't have a camera on my computer like you and Beth and your mom. I'll find my camera and do it but I'm not gonna lie, kind of tempted to at least get out of my pj's :)

Mindy Mills said...

Thanks Jenny, I guess that was the inspiration I needed to post again too! I love reading your blog when you get a chance to post! We love your family very much!