Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I was in the grocery store this afternoon and I heard a man say “Mira…” as he chuckled…
Obviously I knew he didn’t want ME to LOOK…but I understood what he said so I looked anyway.
I saw this middle aged Mexican man holding two cantaloupes up to his chest while facing his wife and making ‘eyes’ at her. I saw the look on her face and knew then that God was speaking to me.
I started this bible study six weeks ago called ‘Discerning the voice of God’. It has been eye opening. Its not like I’m learning things that I feel like I’ve never heard before but I guess sometimes you just have to be in the right place.
The first day it asks you to make a list of personal circumstances that are troubling you and to focus on those things as you go through the study. I listed my marriage. That was my list.
Not my husband, but my marriage.
I want a marriage like my parents. They have been married for 40 years. They love, honor and respect one another. They have arrived. They did it.
I thought for sure I would be a great spouse, I mean, look what I have modeled for me! It is beyond me why I stink at it so bad. Anyhow, I have been praying and praying and praying that God would show me what to do and He has. He really has. Do you know that if you ask God for something and then you LISTEN for His answer…He will give you one. (listening is key)
Cory and I had this serious conversation tonight about this and that. You know the one. The one you have every few months or so. I imagine the time in between gets longer as you get older…or maybe you just learn each other by then. I don’t know. Anyway, he was telling me that he felt like I wanted a ‘Ned Flanders’ or something and he just can’t be that for me. I realized then and there (or maybe it was little later when I saw the man in the grocery store) that I had exactly what I wanted. Its like I created this thing in my head of what I thought a husband, my husband, would be like. This spiritual head of the household, perfect, flawless, ridiculous man who would NEVER hold cantaloupes up to his chest and pretend they were boobs. Apparently ALL men hold produce up to various parts of their body and pretend it is another part of their body. It is just reality. And I think I like it. I think it would be boring to be married to Ned Flanders. I love what I have and I love what it took for God to show me that.

My husband is brave and handsome.
My husband is an amazing father.
My husband is the provider and the hardest worker.
My husband is strong and forgiving and patient.
My husband adores me and shame on me for not making him feel the same way for the last eight years.
Oh yeah…and my husband like beer. And, I’m okay with it. ☺

Ask Him and He will answer. It is not always what you want to hear. But He will answer. You just have to listen, and beware, sometimes He speaks in Spanish.

…a quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping…


Marty said...

That is an amazing post.

Sarah Elwer said...

I am so glad I checked my blog list before going to bed - that was beautiful... thank you for your honesty!

Bethy said...

Mona....wonderful, amazing, so proud to call you sister. Thank you for writing that. I love that it took fruit boobies! God is the best! YOU are a great writer! Cory must feel so loved and valued. I love you so much.


Sometimes i read blogs and i cant relate at all. they are about breastfeeding or how their husbands careers take them to far off places, and i sit and read and feel nothing. But every so often i read a blog that speaks to me, almost as loudly as fruit boobies. this blog, it speaks to me. it yells at me. it reminds me that nathan and i are due for one of those long talks. thanks jen, your amazing.

stephanie said...

thank you.
thank you for reminding me how God does speak to us in all sorts of crazy fruit booby ways. and sometimes in spanish.
love it!

Katy Hill said...

I love this! God is so good at showing us what we have if we would just open up our eyes, and see with his eyes!! Being a wife is truly the greatest gift ever! Love you friend!

Katy Hill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ali said...

Hey girly!!! I just landed here and loved your post!! i'm right there with ya!! I love you guys!

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